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Oct 31

A United Methodist Faith Community

New Small Groups!

New Small Groups

Nov 5


Welcome to New Song!

We so appreciate you visiting our website to learn more about who we are and what we do. It’s just like looking at a new house. Come on in. Make yourself at home. You know the feel of just being home. That’s what we want you to see and feel as you learn about who we are. We know you have questions about church, so feel free to explore, and let us know how we can best help you connect into the life and witness of our congregation.

  • We understand this may be the first time you’ve ever stepped foot in a church — we have many in that same situation, so you’re in good company.
  • This may even be the first time you’ve entered a church since you were much younger. We also have many who share in that scenario, and they, too, found that life can have more meaning, and that we’re all in this journey together.
  • Maybe you’ve been in church your whole life, and you’ve just fallen away, or felt that “church” has grown stale, or is not very meaningful anymore. That is not the design Christ had in mind for us as His church. We are focusing back on the basics best compiled in Acts 2:42-47: they met together every day, they shared in the Sacraments, they helped meet each other’s burdens, and they lived life together. They at no point put on a show; nothing about the Early Church was just for performance or entertainment. Before God, we strive for authenticity, transparency, and relevancy in what we believe and how we serve, and who we are.

No matter which category you may relate with, we are praying for you: know that.  Before you ever arrive in our facility, we are praying for you and yours. We know life is difficult and, at times, more than we can withstand on our own. Statistics tell us that we are all looking to belong, find acceptance, be loved and forgiven, and consider the larger meaning of what matters most. For us, faith in Jesus Christ has made the best parts of life even better and provided the skills to cope with the worst parts of life all the more.

We pray you will consider taking advantage of the opportunities we have week after week to join in faith and fellowship. You are always invited, whether in worship, special events or festivals, groups and studies, or to just stop by. We hope to see you soon.