Welcome to New Song Church

When the word ‘church’ comes to mind, it can carry 1,000 different meanings, both positive and negative.  At New Song, we are a community of people who grew up thriving in church and others who haven’t had great experiences with churches or are trying church for their first time.

At New Song our goal is to live for something bigger than ourselves or our church. What we’re after is to encourage everyone to know Jesus Christ and to live out that relationship however God directs. We seek to help individuals understand what God has created them to be and to fulfill what God wants them to do with their life. We are passionate to see our hearts connect with God’s heart during this life, in order to be able to dance with Jesus for all eternity – to live a life God has designed.

When it comes to faith, God has modeled for us an invitation to live in authentic community. Together, we rejoice when one celebrates, and we support when one is hurting. We give where there is need, and we intentionally get to know one another along the way. No one should stand alone: everyone is invited to participate in a community group where the emphasis is on growing closer with God and connecting with each other in faith. We invite you to come and be part of God’s story at New Song.

What to Expect

New Song Church is a place where you will find people who have questions, fears and doubts about what life is all about. We don’t judge you by what you wear or what you think. We come to worship God: no more, no less. We enjoy worship in a contemporary format both relevant to you and reverent to God.

We have a ton of kids every Sunday morning from every age bracket. You’ll find a safe, loving place for them to learn about God and have an uplifting experience in the process. For students, we have groups that meet on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, Jr. High and Sr. High Community Groups, and what we term ‘Outlet’ on Wednesday nights – a fun time for all with activities and devotions. Activities, retreats and events are also available for all groups throughout the year.

New Song is a place of hope, healing and hospitality. We come together to worship Jesus where you can expect times of prayer and singing to God, as well as biblically-relevant preaching. Let us know if you have any questions — see you soon!